Retiree Directory

Upon arrival, each Retiree is warmly greeted by The Palm Springs Retirement Village's well trained and helpful staff.  Each Retiree is welcomed into our fun and active community with a lovely fruit basket, and valet service to their room to rest and recover before joining the other Retirees in a Welcome Reception. 

Services that are available to every Retiree include:

  • All Meals, Drinks & Snacks
  • Repair Care Clinic & Village General Hospital
  • Laundry Service
  • Spa Services
  • Access to activities, including hiking trails, three pools, golf course, pool hall, pub, restaurants, and our brand new bowling alley
  • Fully equiped and staffed Work Out Gym with personal trainer
  • Grocyery store, Dug store and The Village Mall with over 50 stores and shops
  • Bus & Rail Station
  • Limo service to any off grounds activities
  • Spiritual centers to meet every need

Ted & Issacs Pony(?)
Original Building
Apartment 1713

Wylie's Hedgehog
Phase I
Apartment 1243

Bella Ann Rose's Birdie
Phase II
Apartment 2427

Gino's Toy
Phase II
Apartment 897

Coco Puff's Gang
Phase I - Apartments 294 & 296

LaMutt & TeaCup
Garden Pool - Cabana 12

Fine Print:  Certain Retirement of the Day items will not receive a apartment at The Village. Items that are not covered by Master Rule #1 usually do not qualifiy for an apartment.  Exceptions, of course, can be made, if the Member wishes their item to receive a bed.  But, really?  Does destroyed paper, doors, beds and the like need an apartment of their own to socialize with other Retirees?  Probably not...