Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Member Highlight Day - Oz The Terrier

Today is Wednesday! 

On Wednesday's we plan on highlighting individual members.  If you have a blog we share it.  If you don't blog we will feature you and your life in your own words and pictures.

Today we feature Oz The Terrier.  Oz is an aspiring poet, creative genius for his blog "A Canine Opines", head honcho for the Anipal Book Club and a fantastic supporter of Destructogang.

So, without any more yapping about it - Oz in his own words!


Bobbie & Cocoa Puff said...

Great Idea OZ!! Keep crunching your talking toys then send them to Cocoa Puff. The will be destroyed within minutes!! A never ending circle of toys for both of you!!

marley said...

We love OZ's blog. He is a pawsome blogger and his stuff is always a surprise.

Oz the Terrier said...

Oh, thank you Miss Pish Posh for highlighting me and my bloggie! That is just super!

*runs off to CRUNCH a new talking toy*
Honored #destructogang member,