Monday, April 25, 2011

Retirement(s) of the Day - Bowling Team

Coco Puff

Room Assignment
Apt. 294 & 296 - Two - 4 Bedroom Suites with shared living room and kitchen,  near the activities center with an unlimited use pass for the bowling alley!  Welcome all!

This gang of Retiree's were collected together and are arriving as a group this week.  In their intake interview, they asked to live together.  We love our residents and are happy to accomodate their wishes.  After their pre-requisite visit to the Repair Center, they plan on forming their own bowling team and joining our resident league.  Watch out everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Wowwweeeeee!! #destructogang 4 life!!

Zoetheborder said...

Amazing! Wot great work!

Marley said...

Wow, Coco Puff been rilly tuckin into her assignment there. I fink this deserve a gold star

Millie Dog said...

Great collection of destruction!