Friday, April 15, 2011

Retirement(s) of the Day/Week/Month/Year


Best option is to check out Millie's retirements for yourself.

Wowie Kazowie! Millie is undisputed master.


Anonymous said...

Bravo..I believed you till you got caught with the evidence in your mouth. Great Job.

Millie Dog said...

Woofhoo! *blushes* Retirement of the day/week/month/year?!

*checks to see Owner is not looking before accepting destructogang recognition*!

Thanks everyfur - stick with Millie_Dog you'll learn a lot!

Oz the Terrier said...

Millie is the true Queen of killing toys. "All hail the true #destructogang Queen Millie"

marley said...

Holy smoke! Millie did a great job on all those toys. Mebbe she could charge for her services and we could send stuff in to get destructoed